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Duterte amused by Taiwanese campaign ad using his image

A spokesman for the president said the photo of Duterte in the local campaign proves that his 'anti-drug' message is resonating throughout the region

Rodrigo Duterte

Rodrigo Duterte (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, recently learned of the Taiwanese citizen in Hualien, who used the president’s image in an election campaign poster to emphasize an anti-drug platform.

After seeing the pictures and learning about the campaign poster of Chen Renzhi (陳仁治), Duterte reportedly had a good laugh, according to his aide Christopher Bong Go, who shared the news with Duterte.

Bong Go said that he spoke with the president and they shared a good laugh after reading the news, and seeing the photos taken and posted on social media last week by a Filipina worker living in Taiwan.

The spokesman said that this proves that people are taking notice of Duterte’s message, and that it also shows the president is respected for taking his anti-drug policy seriously.

Duterte amused by Taiwanese campaign ad using his image
(Photo from FB page of Nieviv Sucuaje)

The poster, promoting Chen’s run for city councilor in Hualien, Taiwan, reads “Cherish Life, Refuse Drugs” and includes a cartoon character with the Chinese character for “drug” (毒) crossed out between Chen and Duterte.

UDN reports that Duterte has visited Taiwan twice in the past, once as part of a law enforcement conference in 2012, before running for office, and once in January 2016, shortly before becoming president. At the time he received a warm welcome from Taiwanese people and the many citizens of the Philippines that are living in Taiwan.