Eyebrow tattoo debacle turns Chinese girl into ‘Guan Yu’

A pretty Chinese lady’s eyebrows look much like those of Gua

A pretty Chinese lady’s eyebrows look much like those of Guan Yu after getting her eyebrows tattooed, which has proven a disadvantage for her in moving up the corporate ladder, a Hong Kong media outlet reported on Tuesday.  

Sing Tao Daily reported that the Chinese lady, who is nicknamed “Little Chen” and lives in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, had her eyebrows tattooed in July last year. Much to her surprise, her eyebrow tattoos were sharply angular and the color deep black, making her bear some resemblance to Guan Yu, a general serving under the warlord Liu Bei in the late Eastern Han dynasty.

Guan Yu was deified as early as the Sui dynasty and is still worshiped by many Chinese people around the world.

According to the daily, strangers reacted to her on the street and said, “Not so good for a lady, too rugged” and “Look like being disfigured, how terrible.”

Little Chen said, “A friend’s aunt has been in the eyebrow tattoo business for more than 10 years and said she is the best in the trade. An eyebrow tattoo service costs RMB1,900,”according to the daily. After three hours of tattooing, she opened her eyes and was shocked to see the Guan Yu eyebrows, the daily said.

The boss said the tattoos would turn lighter after one month, but the Guan Yu eyebrows remained unchanged after that period, Little Chen said, according to the report.  

She said she is a front desk receptionist and had a chance to be promoted to be the company chairperson’s assistant, but during a vote for the position, she got a negative vote because of the unique eyebrows, which caused her to lose the bid, the daily said.  

Little Chen went to the tattoo parlor and demanded a refund but was refused. The boss showed her photos of her customers to prove that all other customers are very satisfied with her work. And everyone in the photos has a pair of “Guan Yu” brows, the daily said.