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Notorious 'Evil Landlady' charged for defrauding Malaysian tourists

The 'Evil Landlady' strikes again, this time she is under investigation for defrauding two female foreign tourists

Image of Chang Shu-ching (張淑晶) posted by wade770223 (wade) on PTT.

Image of Chang Shu-ching (張淑晶) posted by wade770223 (wade) on PTT.

Taipei (Taiwan News) -- Chang Shu-ching (張淑晶), 48, dubbed the "evil landlady" by local media outlets for swindling numerous tenants over the years, is being investigated by prosecutors for attempting to defraud two female Malaysian tourists.

According to the Prosecutor's Office, Chang posted images of high-end hotel rooms on Airbnb, which she claimed to represent, and two Malaysian women paid NT$4,837 (US$150) by credit card to book one of the rooms in Taipei for New Year's Eve.

When the two arrived in Taipei, Chang told them the rooms were all full and said they would have to stay in a hostel in New Taipei City's Yonghe District instead. The hostel's manager, Chen Po-jen (陳柏仁), said the rooms only cost NT$1,200 per night, and alleges that Chang kept the difference.

While the women were out enjoying the New Year's Eve festivities, Chang allegedly took the opportunity to request a refund from Chen claiming that she had reserved the room, but was canceling her stay. Chen recognized her face and realized that he was dealing with the infamous "evil landlady" and refused to hand over the cash. He then took photos of her with his cell phone and called the police.

When the two tourists returned to the hostel at 3 a.m. and recounted their story of the initial cancellation of their booking of the "luxury hotel," it dawned on Chen that Chang had tricked them into paying for an expensive hotel in advance, only to send them to a much cheaper place, pocketing the difference and then even tried to swindle him out of the money for his room.

In reaction to the scam, one of the tourists said "How can you have people like this in Taiwan?"

The New Taipei City Prosecutor's Office has been investigating 44 charges against Chang since 2015 including fraud, false accusations, forgery, intimidation and other criminal acts. For her crimes she is potentially facing a sentence of 8 years in prison, while a judge has ordered that she return NT$492,000 in illegal income. Her former boyfriend allegedly is a senior member of the Tien Dao Meng Tien Yin Hui criminal gang.

At her peak, she allegedly leased up to 40 properties and then illegally converted them into studio apartments or office rentals in Daan District, Taipei City, New Taipei City, and Banqiao District where she charged rents ranging from NT$8,000 to NT$35,000. She has filed lawsuits against more than 60 tenants over rental disputes, most of which she has sought compensation for alleged damage to her properties or violations of rental contracts.

The "Evil Landlady" being confronted on her actions. (Video from Facebook Page 黑色豪門企業)

Updated : 2022-01-21 11:12 GMT+08:00